Monday, November 25, 2013

Status: 11/25/2013

Number of people on the tree: 13,309

 I'd guess that probably 80% of them are accurate.  Some aren't actual relations (in-laws and their families).

Most ancient relation: Chrocus of the Almanni (59ggp or 60ggp, depending on how you tranverse the tree) - abt 240 AD to 319 AD.   He also has a page on Wikipedia.

These days I'm working on the Guimond line, down from Louis Guimond (11ggp, abt 1575 - abt 1630).  I've gone through the Tanguay entries, so I'm in the late 18th century. The family is still settled very close to Saint-Anne-de-Baupré at that time.

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