Saturday, March 15, 2014

Update: What I've been up to...

I made myself the silly challenge to have 20,000 people on my family tree by the 1-year anniversary of starting it on

I've been doing it by concentrating on the fundamental Québecois family lines and following them through Tanguay - particularly Volume I (marriages between 1608 and 1700).  That's been good because I've been finding errors in the tree, and many situations where there are duplicates - fixing them has really stitched the relationships between these families together.  

As of today I'm up to 19,277 people with 14 days to go.

I'm now very curious to know an estimate for what percentage of the Québec population is on the tree as a function of time;  that and how many of the first-generationers (people who came over in the 1608-1650 time frame) are on the tree.   Hopefully I'll get to some of those projects within the second year of undertaking this!

Coming up:  why I wish I were adopted, and why Louis Guimond must be spinning in his grave, and the single factoid responsible for both!

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