Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Families of My Québec Ancestors: 0 - introduction

Now that I've finished cataloging my direct ancestors and their children, I've started on the next generation (mapping the first cousins, N times removed).   This means stepping through the whole set of ancestors, then looping through each of the great-grand-uncles and -aunts.  While some families have more interesting stories than others, I thought it might be interesting to post about each one (or at least the more interesting cases).

I thought about going through the set in some kind of order: that's how I did the first phase (starting at the head of the Guimonds, and working "down and across and sometimes backwards" to hit all of the nodes.  For this phase, I've just printed out the list of all the ancestors, and am more-or-less picking one of them randomly, matching them up with their spouse and going from there.

Update: 3/2/2016 --- as of today I'm on the 34th set of great-grandparents mapping out uncles/aunts and first cousins...   That's out of ~205 sets.   At this rate I'll be done in around 2020...  at which point I can start on mapping the 2nd cousins...

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