Saturday, April 14, 2018

DNA Result are in... What the hell?

So I get my Ancestry DNA results.

  • 59% Ireland/Scotland/Wales 
  • 32% Great Britain
  • 8% Other

I expected:

  • 50% English (based on the Bradish/Murphy and the Hall/Murphy lines, but see the next posting)
  • 25% Irish (Donahue line)
  • 25% Frence (Guimond line)
Where's the French?

Now all the Ancestry DNA ads have some kind of "Find Exciting Surprises" where someone takes the test thinking they're an Italian/German mix and discover they're 80% Russian and 20% Japanese or something like that.

But the largest chunk of my family tree that's mapped are Québecois - and I have HUNDREDS (probably a few thousand at this point) of original settlers who were born in FRANCE.   Now I know SOME of them started out somewhere else, went to France and from there went to Québec.   I know that some of the immigrants came from England, Ireland, Germain, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy.  But not THAT many.

I don't know what to make of this.   We've joked that there's some kind of "Jerry Springer" episode in here somewhere "you are NOT the father" - except that it would have to be "you are NOT the mother" and that would be difficult to pull off since surrogate motherhood is definitely more of a 21st century occurrence.

But there are other possibilities.   The Ethnicity estimate comes from where your current-day relatives who have taken the DNA test reside NOW.   So one might expect some degree of variance from that.  EXCEPT that one could do the appropriate weighting based upon coverage of test subjects versus actual population (and they have to do this I think, otherwise NO ONE's results would be accurate).

There's also the fact that one doesn't necessarily inherit the same degree of genetic material from EACH ancestor proportionally.   Perhaps "the blood is strong" (to quote John Arryn) is in play here, and just that my paternal contributions to my DNA overtake the maternal.   

So I think I'll splurge and get a comparison test with 23andMe.   I'm also wondering if I can convince dad or a sibling to also do the test so that we can compare.

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  1. Can you download the raw data and upload it to another site for analysis?